Sample Outline

Sample Essay Outline

The outline of your essay might look something like this. Remember: don’t write down the entire essay, just some key-words.

Topic: The EU

Introduction Paragraph: Thesis Statement

The expansion of the European Union should stop at once.

Paragraph One: Reason (Argument) 1

Large number of different opinions that come with the membership.

Paragraph Two: Reason (Argument)  2

The desire of many people and countries to be ‘unique.’

Paragraph Three: Reason (Argument) 3

The high cost that comes with EU membership.

Paragraph Four: Counter-Argument

In order to be a serious player in world politics you need to be convincingly large so you can show that you are someone to keep an eye on.


The United States has a weak economy because of the huge government deficit.
The national government in the United States only decides on very few issues, like defense.


For the best interest of the politicians, the people and the economies of all member states, the European Union should no longer expand.

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