Exam Essay

How to answer exam essay questions?

Where to start?
1)    Determine how much time you have for each essay assignment.
2)    Read the exam questions carefully and make sure you understand them.
3)    While reading the questions, write down any keywords/ideas, etc. that spring to mind.
4)    Choose or start with the assignment you can answer immediately.

The Assignment
1)    Make a mindmap of your thoughts concerning the essay question.
2)    Determine which aspects of your mindmap you are going to write about (as you should probably limit yourself because of the time)
3)    Make an outline
4)    Start writing – pay attention to the time


1)    Make sure you have answered all the questions.
2)    Check your punctuation, spelling and grammar. Pay specific attention to common errors.
3)    Is your name on the paper?

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