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No more EU! 

“Europe is becoming too large” is the opinion of many Europeans nowadays (Europe par. 1). Just recently ten new countries have joined the EU, which makes a total of twentyfive member countries. These joined forces are all represented in the European Parliament and European Council. Together they try to make decisions and laws to run politics as smoothly as possible. But now Turkey and Romania are preparing to join the EU as well. This concerns a great number of people, including members of parliament, who fear that it will become too difficult to be effective in politics. Therefore, the expansion of the European Union should stop at once.

One of the reasons for not be willing to expand anymore is the large number of different opinions that come with the membership. The different countries that have already joined the European Union all have certain interests and opinions that diverge greatly. This makes it a difficult job to make decisions or to compromise on critical issues. Considering that there are already so many countries in the EU, every extra country will only lead to more conflicts in politics. Thus, when more countries become a member of the European Union it will be at the cost of effectiveness.

Another reason why the European Union should not expand anymore is the desire of many people to be unique. Within the European Union the people are treated equally with the same laws and the same parliament but this does not contribute to a patriot feeling. Every person wants to keep his own national identity and does not want to be forced upon a second identity. Their initial values and traditions give a strong incentive to reject the new European state. Although the European Union is a unique socio-political structure, it will not replace the strong national identity. So why should more countries be joining the EU?

A third reason why no more countries should join the EU is the high cost that comes with the membership. Last time, when the ten countries joined the European Union, the fifteen original countries experienced the high cost that originated from payment of the politicians, subsidies for cultural stimulation and for agriculture, and cost from the visits to and from the countries. All these cost are paid for by the countries within the European Union and the payments will only increase in the next couple of years, since the new countries, in general, receive more money than they contribute. Therefore, the EU should strongly consider whether they want to continue expanding.

Supporters of a large and strong Europe argue that being a serious player in world politics you need to be convincingly large so you can show that you are someone to keep an eye on. Argued is that the European Union should be a match to the dominating United States. Nevertheless, the United States has a weak economy because of the huge government deficit. Also, the national government in the United States only decides on very few issues, like defense. To prevent Europe from becoming a copy of the United States, they should rather focus on a strong policy than on ways of how to become larger and larger. In the end we will then see whether the Europeans might accept a “President of Europe”.

Concluding, for the best interest of the politicians, the people and the economies of all member states, the European Union should no longer expand. The European economies and political atmosphere will suffer greatly from more internal competition.  Therefore it is now time to stop the EU and say “no more!”.

(With permission from the author: Jan-Willem Nijendijk, 1st year IB student, LS I)

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